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21 Anniversary


2022 (July) Un Petite Love Story- Six Feet Apart, Conceived/directed, performed by Anne-Marie Mulgrew in collaboration with Sean Thomas Boyt. Music Dark Waltz
2022 (June) A Tribute to Isaiah 2022, as part of Beautiful Chaos Video: Anne-Marie Mulgrew Edited by Francesca Costanzo The outside building of Chi Movement Arts Philadelphia, PA
2019 This Woman,(3 minutes) created in collaboration Carmella Vassor-Johnson and A. Mulgrew
2018 The Iris Video, (90 seconds) created by A. Mulgrew, edited by Sasha Spassoff - - opening film for Strange Dreams
2017 Frances, (2:30 minutes), created in collaboration Carmella Vassor-Johnson and A. Mulgrew from footage shot in 2010
2013 Video Story, 1943-1945 opening section of The Keepers Project in collaboration with Carmella Vassor-Johnson
2013 Video Stories AKA The Shadow Dance, The Keepers Project, in collaboration with Carmella Vassor-Johnson
2012 The Earth, Dance for Camera video for Dig in collaboration with Carmella Vassor-Johnson.
2011 25th Anniversary Retrospective Documentary, an overview featuring Ms. Mulgrew's choreography and rehearsal shots from Le Dada in collaboration with videographer Stan Sadowski.
2011 The Spirit of the Sanctuary, a video on a loop featuring The Lighted Hat Lady from Le Dada.
2009 Links from SALT, 3:30 min. stand alone Dance for Camera video in collaboration with Carmella Vassor-Johnson
2009 Salt, four (3 minute) dance for camera clips in collaboration with Carmella Vassor-Johnson
2006 The Hans Project Video excerpt (one minute) in collaboration with Stan Sadowski
2006 A Retrospective, an overview of 20 years of dancemaking,(8 minutes) in collaboration with Stan Sadowski
2004 Three Ladies in Waiting (4 minutes video excerpts) in conjunction with site work) in collboration with Carmella-Vassor Johnson
2003 Citrus Limon (4 minutes) in collaboration with Carmella Vassor-Johnson at The School for Jacob's Pillow choreography for the Screen Program.
2001 The Kitchen Dance (3 minutes) in collaboration with Carmella Vassor-Johnson during an artist in residence at The Yard, Chilmark, MA
1993 Creativity Comcast Documentary 30 minute documentary on Ms. Mulgrew's work
1992 The Tales of the Buffoon, (6 minutes), commissioned by WHYY Channel 12 TV and PEW

2001 Penn State University Abington Campus, 11 dancers, 5minutes, commenting on 911
1999 Penn State University Abington Campus, E Pluribus Unum, 10 dancers, 5 minutes
1997 Governor's School of NJ, Strange Tongues-Jacket Dance, 6 dancers, 4 minutes
1986 University of the Arts Modern Dance Co., Facing 9-5, 10 dancers, 20 minutes

1995 Brick Street Playhouse, High Heel Feeling, a musical for 3 men in drag

2006 Peoplehood Parade and Pageant, two public works, 10 minutes, 12-15 performers

Choreography List (2022-1982)
List of Works choreographed by Anne-Marie Mulgrew
2022 Beautiful Chaos, an hourlong, full-length work, choreographed by Anne-Marie Mulgrew with dancers' input, is a collection of new dances and films inspired by the tumultuous world we live in today. In development since early 2020, sections were to premiere in AMM & DCO's June Concert cancelled by COVID19. Additional works were developed during the pandemic and set on the Company when able to rehearse in person. Beautiful Chaos aspires to raise questions by taking audiences on a quest that is poignant, uplifting, and joy. Beautiful Chaos premiered at AMM & DCO's 35th Anniversary, June 24-25, 2022. Chaos comes from Greek Khaos which means "formless primordial space." Many of us think about it is as danger, confusion, or turmoil but it can also be seen as an opportunity for exploration and transformation. The title resonates even more now in pandemic times where order and control are in constant flux. I was haunted by this title and notion of how beauty and chaos can coexist and support one another conceptually. Anne-Marie Mulgrew, Artistic Director; Choreographed/Concept/Direction by Anne-Marie Mulgrew with dancers' input Dancers: Em Godfrey, Anya Kress, Kate Lombardi, Anne-Marie Mulgrew, Hannah Murphy, Leslie Ann Pike, Ava Pizzi, Arielle Ridley; Technical Director: Sean Thomas Boyt
Works include:
  • Prelude 2022 was inspired by the physical space, the creative process, and the individual talents of the seven dancers and live marimba music by percussionist, Dr. Andy Thierauf Based on a movement score, it touches on themes of chaos and beauty sprinkled with phrases from the full work.
  • Basking in Bach2022 six dancers, Bach Concerto for Oboe This dance is a response to Bach's brilliance and timelessness. Earlier phrases were danced to a French love song. With the music change, the work became more intense and urgent involving a community that supports one another while joyfully navigating unknown spaces.
  • Memories from Within 2021 a solo for longtime AMM & DCO dancer Leslie Ann Pike, to Bach Marcello Adagio Concerto for D Minor, the dance explores the inner landscape of one's internal chaos filled with emotions, memories, vulnerability.
  • Chaos One 2022 a trio to music by Divan Gattamorta "Experiments." This evolving dance examines an inner battle filled with doubt, fear and eventually hope amidst chaos.
  • Stunned 2022 a dance for four dancers and six chairs, set to Steve Reich's "Nagoya Marimbas" played by Dr. Andy Thierauf. Conceived as a solo in a chair, Stunned is a response to COVID when everything stopped. It was created for a tiny space using a sparse movement vocabulary as if "stunned" by personal and world events.
  • A Meditation on Healing the World 2022 a duet, set to Anonymous 4: Love Illusion: The Montpellier Codex 13th Century. With so much chaos (COVID, war, gun violence, racial, social, economic, and political injustice) this dance explores the need to heal, hope, listen, allow, and encourage change.
  • Quiet Power 2019 a solo for longtime AMM&DCO dancer Kate Lombardi to Ramin Djawadi. This dance invites us to enjoy the beauty of quiet power and resilience.
  • Beautiful Chaos 2022 a full company work to Lucas King "Sociopath" Pain. Text: Simple Chaos selected poems of Yukio Tsuji "Silence." This dance informed by ideas and the haunting music seems to encompass society with all its ills and glories. "Out of chaos, the future emerges in harmony and beauty." Emma Goldman
2022 Films as part of the full-length work Beautiful Chaos 2022
  • A Tribute to Isaiah 2022
    Video: Anne-Marie Mulgrew on cell phone Edited by Francesca Costanzo Location Chi Movement Arts Philadelphia, PA
    Isaiah Zagar's legendary witty, and chaotic public art works are a source of magic, madness, and delight. His iconic mosaic murals cover 50,000 square feet, enriching Philadelphia history. For years, I was fascinated by his works at The Painted Bride Arts Center, the Magic Gardens and other South Street sites, and the facade of Kun-Yang Lin Dancers/ Chi Movement Center. The colors, textures, shapes, sizes, repurposing of materials, text, scale, volume, and magnitude of his vision encapsulate for me concepts of "Beautiful Chaos." Anne-Marie Mulgrew
  • Working from Home 2020-2021
    a collection of short videos edited by Francesca Costanzo Clip one: Dancing Hibiscus at Christmas time shot by Anne-Marie Mulgrew Music: Chopin Clip two: The Gesture Challenge featuring Anne-Marie Mulgrew shot by John Melinchock Clip three: Winner of The Gesture Challenge shot, created, and performed by Joe Cicala Clip four: phrases from Beautiful Chaos filmed, performed, and edited by Tamaki Serizawa Music: Lucas King
  • A Study of Five in One 2020 a work-in-process
    Edited: Francesca Costanzo Choreography: Anne-Marie Mulgrew with dancers' input Costumes and Video: Anne-Marie Mulgrew Music: Epic Suspense Trailer Music
2019 From the Feminine Gaze is a collection of dances and films celebrating feminine power, grace, and whimsy conceived and choreographed by A. Mulgrew for six dancers, inspired by the 100th Anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment and current events. Dance works include In the Spirit of a quartet to Astor Piazzolla's "Citi Tango;" Quiet Power, a solo, to music by Ramin Djawadi; Zikr: The Time Before to music by Armand Amar: What, a solo, to Bach's "The Cello Song" by The Piano Guys with video by Francesca Costanzo from her larger work "The Eyes Project" 2019; Skirting, a sextet, to Steve Reich's music. The program included a new film, This Woman, created in collaboration with video artist Carmella Vassor-Johnson and A. Mulgrew
2018 Strange Dreams: 30 Years Later 2018 is a multimedia work for seven dancers, colorful props, constructed costumes, a swing, and projections. Length is 48 minutes. The work tackles dream-like states - the sensations, memories, colors and sounds in a non-linear stream of consciousness format. Dreams appear, disappear, and continue to haunt the dreamer who questions the logic of it all. Strange Dreams is a reaction to the political and social realities we face today and ones need to dream, heal and celebrate the resilience and joyfulness of the human spirit. Sections included: The Opener (Dream Swing) Music: Relaxing Water Sounds; Cathedral Dreams: Music: "Ancient Gusli North Ambient Soundscapes" by Sadko; Interlude One Music: Gothic Church Bells Sounds; The Mirage Music:"Renaissance Atmospheric Music" by The Sacred Order; A Prelude of Sorts Music:"Kozatskty 'til You Dropsky" by Shirim; Interlude Two Music: PetRUality: "Infinity of Consciousness;" Forward/Backwards Music: Discovering China Li Bai: China's Immortal Poet; Sad Cat Music: Sad Cat Diary; L'Amour Music: "Tango Poema 1925" Francisco Canaro; Three Women Three Bowls Music:"La Laguna" by Mike Dowling & David Lang; Inflatable Dreams Music: "Summertime" by Janis Joplin,"Old Ticket Booth" by Brandon & Derek Feichter , "Exciting Baroque Music" most likely by Vivaldi, and silence; The Finale ""A Narnian Lullaby on Dudek" by Harry Gregson-Williams and "When You Are Old" by WB Yeats.
2017 A View from Within a site-specific traveling 55-minute dancework conceived by Anne-Marie Mulgrew for 14 performers and an assorted soundscore. This work took audiences on a journey from the outside grounds to the gallery spaces of The Ryerss Mansion and Museum culminating with an audience participation dance on the front porch, presented by the City of Philadelphia's Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy, Performances in Public Spaces 2017.
2017 One Minute Dances for Small Spaces (2017) a premiere (AKA Postage Stamp Dances) choreographed by Anne-Marie Mulgrew for 5 dancers 18 minutes. This 16-section work raises questions about duration and space work and was also informed by today's fast-paced technology-driven world where we are bombarded by images, distractions and sensations resulting in short attention spans and quick decisions. Introduction Text by Anne-Marie Mulgrew; Sections are: The Tens Music: One Minute Evolving Soundscape; The Slow Waltz Music: 435 A Soundtrack for Every Minute; Adagio Music: April 26, 2015; Twitchy Music: Dubness Wash Soundscape; The Couple Music: One Minute Composition Sean B; The Sandwich Music: Bill Makes a Sandwich; Quartet 1 Music: Broke Dub; Fast Dance Music: Frantic Music Composition 'audio jump'; The Umbrella Music: Twin Lakes Soundscape Project; Halloween Music: Secret Word Soundscape; Random Music: One Minute Bell Ring; The Duet Music: Desalento One Minute Short Film; Trace Music: VEXTA Neon Death Dreams; The Trio Music: Star Trek: Beyond Music Trailer; Shards Slow Heartbeat Sound Effect ; The Resolution Music: One Minute Mozart.
2016 The Prelude, an 11-minute work for eight performers, references the notion of 'Anywhere' featuring glimpses of selected AMM & DCO's site works and characters from 1997 re-imagined for Christ Church Neighborhood House. Direction/choreography is by Anne-Marie Mulgrew with input from the performers. Music is by Adam Vidiksis.
2016 Anywhere/The Big 30 is a 30-minute work for five dancers and three musicians. This abstract dance is informed by the ambiances and architecture of the city which has nurtured Ms. Mulgrew's choreographic creations for 30 years. It is developed in collaboration with Adam Vidiksis (composer) and Carmella Vassor- Johnson (video artist). The concept of 30 is the departure point. It examines one's sense of time and space. The work aspires to look forward while reflecting on the past fusing dance, music, new technologies and film. Ideas explore sensations, memories and observations about one's journey over time, the individual and the community, the relationships forged within a group, and how one is informed and impacted by the world we live in.
2016 30 Moves (2016) The Finale s a 6:30 minute dance that celebrates original company member Joe Cicala in his swan song performed by seven dancers. The structure was based on 30 gestures and using accumulation. Choreography is by Anne-Marie Mulgrew to music by Claude Challe and Steeve Remix
2015 The Next Chapter 2015, a 15 minute work, is a suite of four dances choreographed by Anne-Marie Mulgrew for seven dancers. This contemporary work explores states of being and sensations using the music as a point of departure Each section is built on a word - lush, insist, relentless and is set to music by Simon Wolf The Box, Zoe Keating We Insist, Mason Bates Mothership, Pendulum Experimental Music
2015 The Red Riding Hood Project (RRHP) 2015, a 17 minute work, was created in collaboration with Rob Solomon (visual artist/concept/direction)l; Adam Vidiksis (composer) ; Anne-Marie Mulgrew (choreographer;) and Ted Knighton (videographer) for seven dancers in red capes and hoods. RRHP is based on the timeless tale with contemporary twists i.e. instead of one red riding hood -- seven dancers inhabit the psyche of a young girl who moves from innocence to self-awareness.
2015 From the Vault 2015, a 15 minute work for seven dancers, is whimsical blanc-on-blanc work. Choreographer Anne-Marie Mulgrew revisits concepts, ideas, props and costumes from her previous dances creating a new piece that comments on gender and the creative process. Set to a sound mix of Experimental Music (camels, bells, sand, children playing, and sounds), 10 Strange Facts about Dreaming and Classical Guitar & Hip Hop by Vadim Brunell, the work features females dancers in white costumes and wigs and men bare chested in white pants.
2014 World of Dreams 2014, Based on themes of identity, dreams, and desires, World of Dreams is a continuation of the emotionally-charged Dig 2012 and The Keepers Project 2013 by collaborators Anne-Marie Mulgrew (choreographer/concept) Carmella Vassor Johnson (video art). In this 23 minute work dance for seven dancers, the departure point revolved around the questions: What is and what makes an American? Is the American dream alive, breathing, misplaced, or has it been absorbed and impacted by the world we all live in? Audiences will be taken on a non-linear adventure through a series of dance vignettes sparking memories and sensations from the past and present. Sections included: The Journey-leaving ... arriving Music: Shiva in Exile Earth Tones; The Dance Hall Music: Harry James; So what is an American? Sound: Text authors unknown; Relentlessness Music: Mason Bates Mothership And Then Sound/Music: Sonic Footprints; Hopes, Dreams, Aspirations Music: Requiem for a Dream Clint Mansell
2013 The Keepers Project, a 70-minute full-length multi-media dance theater work, in collaboration with video artist Carmella Vassor-Vassor-Johnson for seven dancer/performers and guest performers in video sections. Part one is Dig 2012 and Part two is The Keeper. Props include suitcases and clothing, cabbages, personal family mementos, burlap sacks and a silver bowl. The Keeper sections are Video Story - 1943-45 Letters from Robert Mulgrew to Anna Bodalski read by Robert Mulgrew, 70 years later; Fleeing and Reuniting to a soundscape of war sounds and Mein Shtetele Betz; Voiceover: The war is over; A Tribute to Ancestors preluded by a poem: Ancestors by Anonymous and set to Amazing Drum and Footprints in the Sand; Video Stories by Jean Whitehead, Ruth Metzger, Rose Marie De Angelis; I Remember set to a poem written by Anne-Marie Mulgrew inspired by The Keepers senior workshops with music by Zelda Ocarina Songs of Storms on Marimba; Reflections set to Improvised Sound and Creepy Music Box; and The Finale to music by Aqua Vitae Future World Music.
2012 Dig, a 35 minute dance theater work created in collaboration with Carmella Vassor-Johnson for five core dancers and three additional performers. Dig examines family roots and history by delving into universal themes of loss, hope and identity. Sections included: The Opening to music by Chiel Meijering's Danzai; Video Stories; Three Women to DJ Kypski and the Matangi String Quartet; The Polish Tango to Tadeus Faliszewski Nietoperze; In Deep Sadness-Hope, to Never Seen Him Back by Chiel Meijering; The Earth - Dance for Camera; Falling-Surrendering to Internal Clock by Monolake; A Touch of Ireland, to Celtic Music - A Tale; Remembrances to Follow the Whisperer (part 2) by Chiel Meijering and Giving Back to the Earth to Bleach OJ3.
2011 Le Dada Va Gaga dans 2011, a full-length site-specific dance video work designed for the Rotunda's Sanctuary space created in collaboration with Carmella Vassor-Johnson for a cast of 8 dancers and 6 performers. Sections included: The Procession to bell music; Video Installation One (The Spirit of the Sanctuary); Windows and Railings to La Vie en Rose by Louis Armstrong; The Busker to Reve D'Accordordeonise; The Pew to Chinese Bubbles by Emmanuel Santarrromana; A Duchampian Moment; Two Worlds to Estudio Nights in Spain by Francisco Tarrega; Parsian Moments to Les Jours Tristes by Tann Tiersen; The Conversation; Salute to the Chandelier to Sheva by Ashrey Ha'ish; Another Homage to Degas to Josu Gallastegui's Ballet Music; Deux Chapeaux pour Deux Femmes to The Box by Simon Wolfe; Stomp, Bang, Slap and Sing to sounds made by dancers and The Finale to Frere Jacques.
2010 Burn, six dancers, 15 minutes, 5 sections, music: Bach , Dolphina, Philip Glass and assorted sounds
2009 Salt, Part 2, 8 dancers, 38 minutes 3 dance sections & 5 video clips, music: Dolphina Dance Trance, Il Duetto Je Croise Entendre Encore from Les Pecheurs de Perles George Bizet/Eugene Cormon, Michel Carre, Vangelis Ignacio-video clips Tibetan Salt Fields, Surges, The Tasting , A Private Moment and Links created in collaboration with Carmella Vassor-Johnson.
2008 Salt, 23 minutes, 5 dancers, music: Matt Haimovitz Trans, Prem Joshua Funky Guru, Elliot Sharp Twenty Below (excerpt), Rick Wakeman Seahorse, Biddhu Orchestra Eastern Journey, Heiner Goebbels La Jalousie (excerpt) and live sound by A. Mulgrew
2007 The Hidden River Project, 55 minutes, 19 performers, site-specific work, music: natural sounds and live music for two sections composed and performed by Keith Calmes
2007 Tears of Joy, 19 minutes, 6 dancers, music: Arabian Fantasy composed by Danial Majoun from Appassionato,Beyond the Machine by Move D from Lush Life Electonica, Cloud Moss by Mickey Hart, La redecouverte from the film score Amelie, Kalandero from the CD Alegria by Cirque du Soleil
2007 Keith Suite, 16 minutes, 6 dancers, music: composed by Keith Calmes performed live by Keith Calmes and Ryan Patrick Johnson
2006 The Hans Project, 18 minutes, 6 dancers, music composed and performed live by Keith Calmes, Video projections Stan Sadowski in collaboration with A. Mulgrew
2005 The Big Dance 2005, 15 minutes, 7 dancers, music: John Beltram "Soft Summer" part one; Angelique Kido "Iemanja" part two Sylk "When The Funk Hits The Fan" part three
2005 Serenade to Eve After Rodin, a duet, 8 minutes, Music: Daniel Dorff performed by Musicians: Melinda Bowman (flute) and Keith Calmes (guitar)
2005 Quiet Kissing, a duet, 6 minutes, music: Andrew Shapiro Musicians: Melinda Bowman (flute), Keith Calmes (guitar), Charles Fricker (marimba)
2005 Three, a male trio, 4:30 minutes, Music: Astor Piazzolla's Deciso from the Tango Suite, Musicians: Melinda Bowman (flute), Keith Calmes (guitar), Charles Fricker (marimba, percussion)
2004 Dance and Choir Project, 20 minutes, 7 dancers, original music by Andrew Bleckner, 5 live musicans & 45 children voices from St. Peter's and Greene St. Friends School
2004 Three Ladies in Waiting, 20 minutes, a trio, site-specific work, in collaboration with videographer Carmella Vassor-Johnson, music by The Gotan Project "la revancha del tango"
2003 The Lemon Lady, solo, 15minutes performance art work, music Marcelo Alvarez and Salvador Licitra Duetto, video created in collaboration with videographer Carmella Vassor-Johnson and A. Mulgrew, set 3500 lemons.
2003 A Deconstruction of Degas, 11 minutes, 6 dancers, A collage of found sounds and excerpts from Abba Pater, Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" with voice by Jacqui Bowman, The Pink Panther, Hildegarde's Hypno Trance by P. Rabjohns
2003 Ode to Ancient Voices, (Maypole Dance for Friends of Clark Park) , site-specific work, 11 minutes, 4 dancers
2003 The Architecture of a Relationship, 4 minute duet assorted music, also pilot study for Dance for Camera project ZOOM in collaboration with videographer, Carmella Vassor-Johnson
2002 Mahler, Mayhem and the Dresser(s), 35 minutes, 8 dancers, 6 sections, commissioned, music: Mahler Symphony 3, 1st Movement, Bang on a Can Terry Riley in C, Carlos Paredes, Cancao Verdes Anos, Ennio Morricone Poem of a Woman, Brent Lewis Coyote Eyes, Mahler Symphony #3, 5th Movement.
2002 The Opening Dance for the 10th Enterprise Awards Ceremony, 10 dancers, 4:30minutes, a commission, Music Enya, video and production by Visual Sound.
2001 Opening Dance Narada, 5 minutes, 6 dancers, music: Inward Coil by Vas from In The Garden of Souls
2001 The Dream Sequence, 16minutes
Sleep Dance, 5 dancers, music: Vegetarian Voodoo Soup Brent Lewis Earth Tribe Rhythms
2001 Dream Stories Section One, 4 dancers , Text & performance by Matt Nelson, Valentine Aprile, Melissa Bessent and Joe Cicala
Section Two The Quartet, 4 dancers, to silence
Section Three The Duet, 3 dancers, music: Elgar Cello Concerto
Dream Story Two, 4 dancers, Text by Valentine Aprile
2001 The Box, 8 minutes, 4 dancers, Sound score: Sounds of Frenzy, TV's Greatest Hits
2001 The Conversation, 4 dancers, 2 minutes, Music: Veronique Gens Fauve: Apres un Reve
2001 Bird/Man, a duet, 5 minutes, Music: R. Strauss Violin Concerto Sarah Chang Sawallisch
2001 Invasive Interiors, a male duet, 5min. music: text with excerpts from Dhol Foundation
2001 So Cool So Far So, 7 dancers, 4 minutes, Music by Chico Cesar Papo Cabeca
2001 Faux Finale, 7 dancers, 4 minutes, music by Miriam Makeba Homeland
2001 A Dance Song for Hope (September 2001), 11 performers, 5 minutes Music by Tere Bina The Dhol Foundation
2000 Dances for Imaginary Places, Barely There Mix, 60 dance, 8 performers, live music by Tom Church and natural sounds
2000 Paper Waitress, a trio, 16 minutes, music by Mickey Hart, Zakir Hussain and Ustad Sultan Khan, Indian Ropeman, Gardel Tomo Y Obligo and Chinese Bamboo Flute Music
1999 Unknown City, 30 minute work, developed in collaboration with Vida-Vida video projection & composer Peter Price, 4 performers, inflatable green set, and 60 yds of red fabric
1998 A Homage to Rodin, 15 minutes, 4 dancers, a commission, composed and performed live on clarinet by Daniel Dorff
1998 Projeckt Desire, 8 short dances 3-10 min in length, solos, duos, quartets for stage & specific sites inc. Re-Vamping the Bride, Jen & Joe's Tango, A Hat Too Big, The 2:58 Minute Quartet, Project Desire-The Girl Duet, Fancy Footwork, Small Talk & Exit to Utopia
1997 Strange Tongues, 40 minute site-specific performance work for Parallax Pictures Studios, solos, duos and quartets for six dancer/performers music by Peter Price, Installation/Lighting by Vida,.
1996 Project 2012, 20 minute work for 3 dancers, music-Peter Price, Video projection by Vida
1996 Dances for the Timeline Exhibit, 3 dancers, 20 minutes, a commission for Borowsky Gallery, soundscore a collage mix of Art of Noise, A. Beleu, Ghostwriters, Celtic music & sounds
1996 Wall Studies, 4 dancers, music/sound collage, 15 min.
1996 Laughing Man, trio with live camera music by A.Beleu, 4 min.
1995 The Flatland Project, 22 minutes, 6 dancers, original electronic music by Peter Price, video & slide projections by Vida Vida. There are four sections; three for the ensemble, one solo and a duet for video and music. Sections are The Mask Dance, A Passage in Time, Flesh-Text-Walk-Talk,, Another Reality
1994 Flatland (part one), 20 minutes, 6 dancers, original electronic music by Peter Price, neon installation with overhead live video projections by Vida Vida. Costumes Kate Murphy. Sections are A View, The Inhabitants Thereof, The Female, Ways of Recognizing One Another, The Invasion of Color
1994 IB, a duet, 8 minutes, music by Hispanic Traditions
1994 An Experimental Night Out, 50 minutes, 4 dancers, site-specific for University City Arts League Sunday Nite Series, Original music by Peter Price and found music and sounds, includes of works for a studio space including Parallel Realities, The Wall and Fifty Ways to Stand at a Party
1994 Stick Dance, version 2, 11 min. 6 dancers, soundscore sound of PVC piping
1993 Dance for the Art of Dressing Exhibit, gallery commission 15 min. 3 dancers
1993 Earthborne, outside dance performance installation, 3 dancers, soundscore, clay
1993 Shift, 5 dancers, 15 minutes, assorted sound collage, political commentary
1993 Rhumba in the Kitchen, gallery commission Syracuse NYC, 2 dancers, 10 min. The Interview, Childhood Memories, Solo for Carrie
1992 Physiology of Taste, duet, music by C. White with live soprano, set by Gillette, 10 min.
1992 Roadblock, Part, Part 3, also the "Stickdance" 6 dancers, in collaboration with Mitchell Taylor Gillette, (painter-set designer/costumer) and Claude White, Composer
1992 In-Fra-Structure, a dance for a renegade dwelling, International Sculpture Festival, 10 min., 5 dancers
1992 Limbo, a solo for a woman and a chair, assorted sounds, 5 minutes
1991 Roadblock, Part 1, 3-6 dancers and 3 trombones, music by White, set by Gillette 20 min.
1991 Mouth, 4 dancers score by White, newspaper costumes by Gillette, 20 minutes
1991 Five Very Short Solos, assorted sounds 10 minutes
1990 Blindtrust, 5 dancers assorted sounds, 10 minutes
1990 Tales of the Buffoon, Part 2, 6 dancers set/concept Gillette, music White 22 min
1989 Tales of the Buffoon, Part 1, 6 dancers set/concept Gillette, music White 22 min
1988 The Human Statistic, Part 2, 5 dancers, 20 minutes, music by Peter Price, Text by June Fortunato
1987 Earth Planet Dances, 5 dancers, assorted music, 10 minutes
1987 Flying Rhinerceri and other unfounded fears, solo, music by Price, 7 minutes
1987 Collab 3, 7 dancers, text poetry by A. Grilikhes, fabric artist Lucretia Robbins, 50 min. Slang-Walk-Talk, The Net Effect, Totem
1986 Counting Backwards While Balancing in Precarious Positions, 3 dancers, 7minutes
1986 Sub Surges, 5 dancers, electronic music, 5 minutes
1986 Hard Facts and Stuffed Gardenias, 4 works 4-9 dancers, visuals by Sapareta
A Glimpse, While Waiting,Facing 9-5, Counting Backwards while balancing in Precarious Positions
1985 Facing 9-5, Version 1, 8 dancers, set figures by Sapareta, assorted music/sounds, 20 min.
1984 Hoopdance, dance for 4 women and 18 hoops,15 minutes, assorted music
1983 Spurts, 5 dancers, live percussion by Lou Abbott, 10 minutes
1982 Racing, 5 dancers, music by Jarre, 12 minutes