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Sample Outreach Educational Residency Programs
  • Workshops in Creative Dance for Elementary School Children Anne-Marie Mulgrew, Director, assisted by company members can conduct workshops on the basic elements of dance: time, space, energy, the body. Workshop/classes can take place in a general activity room or even a classroom with the desks pushed to one side. Basic dance elements are introduced and connected to the curriculum. Activities explore shape making, partnering, problem solving, sensitivity exercises, cooperative learning and basic dance making tools. Workshops encourage young students to express their individuality, to understand the value of decision making and to demystify what dance is, what dance can do and who can and should dance.
  • Master Class in Modern Technique This activity is geared for the trained dancer or curious learner. Ms. Mulgrew or company members can conduct master classes in modern dance technique, followed by combinations from the touring repertoire.
  • Teachers Workshops Ms. Mulgrew assisted by company members can conduct a basic introduction to dance to teachers. The purpose is to give them an inside view to the art of concert dance and a basic understanding of dance training, what's involved in creating materials for performance and the role and responsibility of the audience and performer.
  • Partnering This workshop can be geared to people of all ages and skills. It will begin with a partner warm-up, followed by activities such as weight sharing, finding a common center, building connecting shapes, exploring the relationship between two figures and basic lifts.
  • Open Rehearsals A behind the scenes in your face view of what goes into a performance, followed by a question and answer session.
All residency activities are tailored to the needs of a specific population. Extended residencies can culminate in a public performance, informance or culminating activity. All residency activities encourage a planning session to ensure the desired result.

"I like how my class was dancing. My class was moving great and on task."
-- Rashee, a 3rd grade student

"You are the best dance teacher in the world. Many schools ain't lucky to have a school and class like us."
-- Raven, Gompers School 2005

"Thank you for teaching me how to fly."
-- Billy, a seven year old at Perkins Summer Camp


2014 AMM & DCO participated in Dance in Public Spaces sponsored by Dance USA/Philadelphia February 15 & 25, The Gallery Market Street East. This program featured free open rehearsals for the general public.
2013 - 2012 The Keepers Project was a year-long series of free dance theater workshops for seniors 62-73 years old. It was instructed by Anne-Marie Mulgrew and assisted by Megan Wilson Stern. Funded by a Leeway Foundation Art & Change Grant, University City Arts League (UCAL) was host venue and partner. Monthly workshops took place from July 19, 2012 through June 18, 2013 in UCAL's second floor dance studio, 4226 Spruce Street.
Participants commented in their reflections/surveys.
"No matter how old we get we have something special to share." Dolores
"The workshops were very valuable to me. Exploring different areas of my life and remembering how much influence people had in my life." Jean
"One thing I learned about myself - how fortunate to still feel able to move myself into dance motion at this stage of my life. Another thing I learned was how much a part of my life was visiting my grandmother, Doris, in Baltimore." Ruth
"The workshops were soul food, therefore necessary and valuable. I did an overhaul of my apartment displaying photos that I found amazing that I had kept over my life, so that makes me a hunter, gatherer and keeper. I am the survivor of those who "kept" good care of me." RoseMarie
"I learned how rich my personal history is already and how much it will expand as I age." Megan
"We are all Keepers. We all have a story to share and they are important." Marlene
In addition, selected stories were incorporated into AMM & DCO's Home season concert, The Keepers Project, a full-length mixed media work, May 31-June 2 at Christ Church Neighborhood House.
Residency List/Outreach
2022 - 2013 Ongoing Classes
Ongoing Yoga Classes, Whitman Library , 200 Snyder Ave. Phila, PA
2022 - 2013 Ongoing Classes
Ongoing Company Class
Oct.21,2022 Workshop
Community College of Phila, Zoom Workshop of AMM & DCO's Site Specific Work For the English/Theater Department
June 4, 2022 Community Event
Summer Reading Kick-Off Celebration at Whitman Library, 200 Snyder Ave, sponsored By Childrens' First, AMM&DCO conducted ABC's of Yoga for kids outside
Oct.16 noon-2pm, 2021 Community Event
Reading Promise Festival, Dickinson Square Park, 1600 Moyamesning Ave. Phila.PA, AMM&DCO conducted three Yoga Walks outside
Oct.13 3-5pm, 2021 Community Event
Reading Promise Festival, Mifflin Square Park 5th & Wolf St., Phila.PA, AMM&DCO conducted Yoga Walk outside
2020 - 1985 Ongoing Classes
Weekly dance movement classes at University City Arts League, Phila. PA
2019 Mini-residency Temple University Dance Department, activities included a master class, senior seminar and two performances of Strange Dreams, Phila. PA
2018 Professional Development for Librarians, Chair Yoga, Phila PA
2013 - 2011 Monthly Dance/Movement Workshops for Alzheimer patients, Care One Residency, Moorestown, NJ, sponsored by Arts Horizon.
2011, July 30 day residency McDaniels School, Phila. PA. Activities included dance workshops for 50 4-6th grader students in conjunction with the Philadelphia School District and Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership's (PAEP) SLAM program.
2011, May - June 10 day residency Watson Comly School, Phila. dance workshops for kindergarten students, culminating in presentation of square dance, folk dances and creative dance activities through PAEP.
"Thank you for the wonderful time. My family and friends and I really enjoyed the Artist-in-Residence (AIR) core group and movement workshop. You do not know how much I learned. Now, I can take dance to a new level and try to use what I learned in AIR to dance practices, school, and my daily life."
-- Jasleen Kaur, 6th grade, Reiffton School, PA
2010, June - July 30 day residency, McDaniels School, Phila. PA included dance workshops for K-2 students (SLAM Program) in conjunction with the Philadelphia School District and Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership (PAEP) funded through the federal stimulus program.
"Thanks for teaching us new moves. Also, thanks for letting us meet new people that we didn't know.You let me know that I could do anything I could put my head to."
-- Tori Holloway, 6th grade, Reiffton School, PA
2009, July 14 day residency, Stetson MS, Philadelphia, PA. Activities included dance workshops for 40 K-5th graders as part of a cultural enrichment program in conjunction with the Philadelphia School District and Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership (PAEP) funded through the federal stimulus program.
2008, Sept. - Nov. 20 day residency Reiffton School, Exeter, PA. Activities included workshops with 13-classes of 6th graders, working with a core group to develop student-driven as well as choreography by Ms. Mulgrew that culminated in two presentations, (one for the entire school of 750, the other for parents/families), professional development workshops for teachers, open workshop for the community, mentoring and collaborating with the gym teacher who participated and at times co-taught activities as well as working with the residency team (art, music , social science and library teachers) to integrate activities into the curriculum. Sponsored by PA Council and PTA.

2008, Jan. - June 40 day residency, Owen J. Roberts School District, Chester County, PA. Activities took place in four schools-Vincent, North Coventry, East Coventry, and French Creek. Core group consisted of all 4th grade classes linking Latin American themes to the curriculum. Program included a Professional development Workshop for all participating lead teachers (art, music, PE) in the four schools and four pre-residency lecture-demonstration assemblies by AMM & DCO. Classes and workshops were co-taught by Ms. Mulgrew and Joseph Cicala. Additional classes involved the K-5 school population. Sponsored by PA Council and the Owen J. Roberts Educational Fund. Activities engaged 2,000 students, teachers and staff.
"AIR (Artist in- Residence) is awesome. I really appreciated every second of it. I know I had a great time and hope you did too! Hope to see you soon!"
-- Mike Case, 6th grade, Reiffton School, PA

2008, April Five day residency at the John Winslow Elementary School, Vineland NJ sponsored by Appel Farm Art and Music Center. Activities in creative dance and movement education for K-2 students.

2007 Year-long program (10 sessions) for the Dance Matters statewide program funded by Dance Affiliates for Russell Byers Charter School and Independence Charter School. Focus was experiential learning. Activities included five field trips to Dance Celebration programs at Annenberg Center, preceeded by introductory dance workshops using the performance as a text for learning. Core groups were 5th and 3rd grade students.

2006, June-August Three day residency, Department of Human Services School, Cherry Hill,
for 40 group home children with emotional issues age 6-13 years old funded by NJ Arts Council through the Institute for the Arts and Humanities

"You are the best dance teacher."
Robes Spring Garden School, Phila. PA
2006, April-June 10 day residency, Spring Garden Elementary School (Phila. PA)
20 (1st-2nd graders, funded by PA Council administered by Philadelphia Arts In Education Partnership (PAEP) through the Philadelphia School District.

2006, May Three day workshops, McMichaels Elementary School (Phila, PA)
for 5 classes (100) pre-k students in association with the Institute for the Arts-in-Education
"They danced. They pranced.
They thought They taught.
They sent.
They had the plays in just a few days.
The experience did me good even if I didn't think it would."
-- Ben Williams, 5th grade, Chilmark Elementary School, MA

2006, May Three dance workshops, Powell Elementary School (Phila, PA)
Scholars Program, (Grades 2-4) held at the CEC in association with the Institute for the Arts"in"Education

2006, April"May 10 day residency, Elmer Elementary School, Elmer, NJ
1 presented by Appel Farm Arts and Music Center. The residency consisted of hands"on dance workshops in creative dance for 80 K"4 students, culminating in a presentation of student dance compositions.
"Thank you for teaching me how to dance, I would like to become a dancer and be flexible like you. I really enjoyed dancing with you. I had a great time. I will really miss you dancing with me. You dance great. It's very sad it is your last day."
-- Raquel, Dept. of Human Services School, Cherry Hill, NJ

2005, Jan - April 20 day residency, Stafford Intermediate School, Manahawkin, NJ,funded by NJ Arts Council, administered through Young Audiences of NJ. The residency consisted of three-four introductory dance lessons for 24 six grade classes, more intensive work with 2 core groups of 5th & 6th grade students and mentoring a new dance teacher to develop a curriculum for a new dance program at the school.

2005, Dec.-May 10 day residency, Taggart Elementary School, Philadelphia PA, as part of the yearlong PACEP program for 300 middle school students and 12 teachers funded by the US Dept. of Education in association with the Institute for the Arts in Education.
"Working with you was relaxing, unusually fun,
expressive, creative, thrilling, a pleasure."
-- Samantha Smith, 4th grade, Chilmark Elementary School, MA

2005, Winter Three Day Introductory Dance Workshops, Gompers School, Phila. PAfor 75 third grade students as part of The Institute for the Arts-In-Education program.

2005, May Dance Workshop for The Friends of the Free Library of Philadelphia, West Oak Lane Branch, Phila. PA, multigenerational group

2005, Jan. Girls Scouts of America Dance Workshop, Career Day, Appel Farm, Elmer, NJ Dance Workshop for 15 girls 7-12.
"Thank you for giving me fun. I had a lot of fun when you came into my classroom.
I love you as a friend."
-- Yailana Morales, 4th grade Cramp Elementary School, Philadelphia, PA

2005 - 2004 - 2003 Philadelphia Arts/Cultural Educational Partnership-Dance Teaching Artist for The Institute for the Arts-in-Ed., 36 hr. Professional Development Winter Seminar for 20 middle school teachers

2004 - 2003 Teacher Development Dance Workshop at Arthur Schalick School, Bankbridge Elementary School, Sewell NJ, and Appel Farm, Elmer NJ presented by Appel Farm.
"I enjoyed dancing. I enjoyed the mirror game.I also like the music.
Thank you for coming to Montgomery School."
-- T. C. Flowers, 3rd Grade, Montgomery School, Chester Springs, PA

2004, May-June Five day residency at Powell Elementary School, sponsored by PA Council for the Arts. Dance and Poetry residency for 1st and 4th grades, exploring 2D & 3D texts for learning, residency culminated in a presentation at the CEC, 3500 Lancaster Ave. Phila, PA

2004, Spring Five day residency at Harding Middle School, Phila. PA as part of the PACEP program funded by the US Dept.of Education in association with the Institute for the Arts in Education.

2002, Summer Summer Camp Dance Workshops for teens, Perkins Center for the Arts, Moorestown, NJ, culminated in an outside presentation.

2002, May Bonsall Elementary School, Camden NJ, six day residency May 28-June 3 culminating in a presentation for 120 K-1st graders sponsored by Perkins Art Center. Company residency

2002, Feb Five day residency at Penn Treaty Middle School, Phila. PA in conjunction with the Institute the Arts-In-Education and the US Dept. of Ed.

2001, Jul-Aug Millville ACE Summer Art Camp, sponsored by the Millville Development Corporation. Youth aged 5-19 culminating in presentation. Company residency.

2001 Artist-in-the-School Residence Program sponored by The Yard with Chilmark Elementary School, Chilmark MA, April 22 - May 18, 2001. Full Company Residency.

2001 Three Day Residency at St. Anthony School in Camden, NJ sponsored by Perkins Art Center, Mar. Moorestown NJ

2000 Three day visits to five Philadelphia Elementary Schools (Fairhill, Gideon, Sheppard, Cramp & Southwark) through the Institute for the Arts-in-Education. October-December 2000.

2000-01 Dance Teaching Artist for The Institute for the Arts-in-Education, Two Week Summer Teacher Art Program, CAPA H.S. Phila. PA. Worked daily with 30 public & parochial school teachers.

2000, May-Jun Six Day Residency Powell Elementary School, sponsored in part by The Institute for the Arts in ED. Phila., PA. and a special education grant. The scope of the residency involved planning sessions, three lessons with every student - dance materials built on the theme, China and an introductory teacher workshop.

2000, May-Jun Three day workshops at Harrington School, E.M. Stanton (Phila. PA) and Logan Elementary (NJ) through The Institute for the Arts-in-Ed.

2000, Feb Dance and Theater Residency for the Creative and Performing Arts High School in Camden, NJ. Six days of workshop in collaboration with sculptor Eiko Fan through Perkins Center for the Arts.

2000, Feb Three Day Creative Dance Residency 3rd and 4th grade, Montgomery School, Chester PA.

1999, Sep Dance Teaching Artist for The Institute for the Arts-in-Ed, a four day workshop for Pennsylvania Council for the Arts Artists in the schools.

1999, Jul Dance Teaching Artist for The Institute for the Arts-in-Ed Two Week Summer Teacher Institute at CAPA HS, Phila PA. Worked daily with 40 public school teachers in dance workshops.

1999 St. Agnes School (K-8) six days funded by PCA. Creative Dance activities were conducted by company Feb. member, Joseph Cicala and Director, Anne-Marie Mulgrew.The residency began with 2 - 30 minute Mar. assemblies to introduce AMM & D CO to the school, followed by one introductory hands-on workshop with every class in the school. The theme was Peace in Our Schools. We worked intensely (6 times) with a 3rd grade core group of 40 students and created three short dance works using the theme as a springboard. The third grade class performed a 15 minute program as part of a 30 minute culmination assembly, performed twice for the entire school population consisting of students, teachers, school workers and invited guests. Materials were well received! For many students it was their first dance performance.

1999 Goshen Friends Residency commenced with an information assembly for the entire school (K-5) in the Feb. meeting room. Followed by three hands-on workshop in creative dance (focusing on solo, partnering and group activities) in the classrooms of every class. Activities culminted in a final activity. Funded by PCA.

1998-99 Dance Teaching Artist for The Institute for the Arts-in-Ed. Three-six day residencies in Philadelphia and suburban schools such as: Fitler, Finletter, Lowell, Emlen, Houston, St. Albert the Great.

1998, Nov Penn State University Guest Artist/Residency Project over a ten week period Sept.-Nov. 1999 for the Sept. Penn State Dance Company. Residency consisted of a 90 minute class and a 90 minute rehearsal. The project culminated in a new work for the 10 member company called U Pluribus Unum that premiered at the Winter Dance Concert, Nov. 19 & 20, 1998.