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Title Three Ladies in Waiting, a dance/video site-specific work for 2nd & Cuthbert St. Prologue music: chunga's revenge; Dance One music: santa maria; Video Dance music: epoca; Dance Two music: la del ruso; The Finale with the Audience music: vuelvo al sur

Year 2004
Length 20 minutes
Number of Performers 3
Concept & Choreography Anne-Marie Mulgrew
Music The Gotan Project
Video Carmella Vassor-Johnson 4 short dance for camera works on projections on buildings and monitors
Performed by AMM & DCO A. Mulgrew, Jen Prydybasz, Gabrielle Revlock
Premiere Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2004, 2nd & Cuthbert St. Phila. PA, Sept. 10-12, 2004 section one premiered at City Hall, Mar. 17, 2004 & Philadelphia Cathedral, June 5, 2004
THREE LADIES IN WAITING Three women dressed in white wigs prance, dance and wait, sharing whims and fantasies as they romp through a Beckett like landscape pondering meaning, beauty and identity. Why are they waiting? What are they thinking or feeling? Gotan Project's music became a partner for creating this new work. Their sound filled with hints of narratives and looping emotions became an irresistible match for the work. Collaborator Vassor-Johson's videography integrates, interfaces and introduces senses, scents and memories of the dancers. The second dance was informed by the solitude and intimacy of the site. The tall looming buildings with the sky peeping through, grated doorways and reflective windows, cobblestone streets and alley ways breathed a sense of timelessness and transported us to a place where we can pause, reflect and enjoy.