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Title Strange Tongues
Year 1997
Length 40 minutes, includes site specific locations
Number of Performers 6
Concept & Choreography Anne-Marie Mulgrew
Music Original score by Peter Price
Set/Lighting/Installation Vida-Vida
Costumes Bright Color Suits
Performed by Joseph Cicala, Jen Filer, A. Mulgrew, Christie Shertzer
Premiere Parallax Picture Studios, June 1, 1997, Philadelphia, PA
Additioanl Performances Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Sept. 9-11, 1998 University of PA Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Sept. 20, 1997
STRANGE TONGUES first appeared as a work-in-process solely under the direction of Ms. Mulgrew* at Group Motion Studio, January 1997 for three dancers. Inspired by the book, Do's and Taboos from Around the World, personal travels, free ranging events, gestures and dress, the work premiered as a post industrial fantasy for 6 dancers in its collaborative form at Parallax Pictures using the site as a new source. The work uses scrim size slides, six performance areas for solo and group work, a computer sound score that integrates music, industrial sounds, voice, street sounds and techno rhythmic tracks. There were five solo dance sections in five site-specific areas and a center stage portion. Costumes are bright colored suits. Length is 40 minutes. There were three parts namely, A View from Above (The Wall Space, The Descent), Part 2, In-Ant-Pos- Ex Teriors, (Caught in a Time Zone, The Duet, Box Dance), Part 3, Foreign Yet Familiar (The Jacket Dance, Being Where it is, Familiar Territory).