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Title Salt

Year 2008
Length 23 minutes
Number of Performers 5
Choreography and Concept Anne-Marie Mulgrew
Music Matt Haimovitz Trans, Prem Joshua Funky Guru, Elliot Sharp Twenty Below (excerpt), Rick Wakeman Seahorse, Biddhu Orchestra Eastern Journey, Heiner Goebbels La Jalousie (excerpt) and live sound by A. Mulgrew
Performed by Elrey Belmonti, Joseph Cicala, Lindsay DeLooze, Frances Gremillion, Anne-Marie Mulgrew
Costumes/Set Anne-Marie Mulgrew
Technical Director/Lighting Designer Zornitsa Stoyanova
Premiere AMM & DCO’s Home Season Concert, June 14 at 8pm, CEC, 3500 Lancaster Ave. Phila. PA, Add’t performance – June 15 at 3pm

The presentation of AMM & DCO’s Home Season 2008 is made possible by The Philadelphia Cultural Fund and Pennsylvania Council for the Arts Partner Stream Program administered by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance.

Part One
Homer calls salt “a divine substance.”
Plato describes salt as “especially dear to the Gods.”
‘‘Jews and Muslims believed that salt protects from the evil eye.”

Why is the subject matter of salt so compelling? Why does the word itself trigger an instant response? Inspired by Mark Kurlansky’s fascinating book, “Salt, a World History,” SALT, investigates sensations, memories and rituals associated with salt, a vital component in the functioning of cells. Throughout history, salt has preoccupied human fascination being equated with notions of semen, fertility and protection from evil spirits. Salt, one of the four components of taste, evokes memories of food, traditions, textures, and sensations. Since the dawn of man, salt has played an integral role. The ancient Egyptians may have been the first to cure fish and meat. Early tombs show salted fish and birds. The Aztecs observed ceremonies for Vixtociatl, praised for having discovered salt. This seven-section company work features quartets, quintets, a solo, a duet and a trio. The stage is framed with salt. Dancers enter and exit carrying a portable set consisting of two silver tubs and a silver bucket. Part one is a mere beginning, we look forward to developing the work by incorporating video projection and new sections.