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Title The Lemon Lady, a dance/video installation piece for the Nexus Gallery window space
Year 2003
Length 15 minutes
Concept & Choreography Anne-Marie Mulgrew
Video Carmella Vassor-Johnson in collaboration with A. Mulgrew at Jacob's Pillow
Number of Performers one but an alternating cast
Performed by Anne-Marie Mulgrew, Jen Prydybasz, Michele Tantoco
Music Marcelo Alvarez and Salvatore Licitra form the CD Duetto
Set 3,500 lemons
Installation/Construction Sandra Aidar, Jacqui Bowman, A. Mulgrew
Premiere Video Citrus Limon premiered at Jacob's Pillow Aug. 18, 2003 Performance/Video installation premiered at The Philadelphia Fringe Festival Sept. 1-13 24-15 minute performance
THE LEMON LADY was inspired by the singular image of a woman sitting on a mound of lemons. Is she a rest, possessed? Is this a fairy tale, live painting or an ad? The work explores the interaction between human flesh and the flesh of the fruit. The color, size, shape and smell of 3,500 lemons are juxtaposed against the figure of a woman in white who inhabits the environment. The Lemon Lady incorporates improvisational structures, video, live performance and the lemons. Viewers are encouraged to observe how atmospheric factors, light, heat, sun, moisture inform the work over time and record their experience in The Lemon Lady book.