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Title Dances for Imaginary Places, a dance/video event, premiere includes "Excerpts from The Yard" "Paper Waitress," Plus new dances "The Box," "Invasive Procedures", A Dance Song for Hope and video dance Pre-Dinner Cocktails-Honey?

Year 2001
Length 75 minutes
Number of Performers 11 performers - 6 core dancers for duets, quartets, quintets and sextet sections and five site performers
Concept & Choreography Anne-Marie Mulgrew
Music Sound musical score from classical to opera to world music to hip-hop and spoken text
Video Developed in collaboration with Carmella Vassor
Performed by AMM & DCO (Valentine Aprile, Elrey C. Belmonti, Melissa Bessent, Jacqui Bowman, Joseph Cicala, Sally Forester, Patricia Gonzales, A. Mulgrew, Rie Nako, Matt Nelson, Chris Wills)
Premiere The Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia, PA Oct. 11-13, 2001
DANCES FOR IMAGINARY PLACES in development for two years, made its premiere at The Painted Bride, October 11-13, 2001. This full evening production developed in collaboration with videographer Carmella Vassor featured video segments integrated into the live performance materials, video components by themselves, a video dance, and video as installation. The dance materials included 10 dances varying in length from 2 to 6 minutes, a site specific dance event that began outside and travelling through the Bride space and a dance video. The work was inspired by dreams, memories, a sense of place, physical dares and personal histories.