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Title A Homage To Rodin
Year 1998
Length 15 minutes
Number of Performers 4
Concept & Choreography Anne-Marie Mulgrew
Music Daniel Dorff performed the clarinet live
Set/Lighting Design Vida-Vida
Performed by Joseph Cicala, Jen Filer, A. Mulgrew, Christie Shertzer
Premiere Rodin Museum, October 6, 1998, Philadelphia, PA
A HOMAGE TO RODIN is a dance commission from the Friends of the Rodin Museum. The project was to create a work based on the undaunting subject matter, the Rodin's sculptures. The dance was to be performed outside in the garden, across from the fountains, facing the reknown Gates of Hell. The plan was to present the dancework and culminate the outside performance with an audience participation in front of the Gates of Hell. Rain intervened. We were fortunate to perform inside, alongside of the actual works of arts. The atmosphere was electric. The audience and performers spellbound to be so close to the master. We had to exert extreme caution and were the first dance troupe ever granted permission to perform inside the museum. Music performed live and composed by Daniel Dorff from the Haddonfield Symphony. The project took place on October 6, 1998 with no additional performances.