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Title The Hidden River Project

Year 2007
Length 55 minutes
Number of Performers 19
Choreography and Concept Anne-Marie Mulgrew
Music Natural Sounds and live music for two sections composed and performed by Keith Calmes
Performed by Featured Dancers: Elrey Belmonti, Joseph Cicala (soloist), Frances Gremillion, Nicole LaBonde, Sarah Lowry, Rebecca Patek (soloist), Dara Zitzmann
The Umbrella Ladies: Amy Borskey, Jacqui Bowman, Eiko Fan, Sally Forester, Kate Haney, Nani Manion, Anne-Marie Mulgrew, Judy Williams
Videographer: Tom Sicilia
Tour Guide: Jerry Perna
Guest appearance of WRTI Radio Personality Rolf Charlston
Designers/Collaborators Stan Sadowski Solar Projections
Premiere August 25 at 5pm and 7pm, 2007 Schuylkill River Banks 24th and Locust –JFK Sts. Phila, PA
Presented in association with the Schuylkill River Development Corporation Funded in-part by The Philadelphia Cultural Fund and many generous individuals
Inspired by the rich history, compelling architecture and breathtaking beauty of the Schuylkill River Banks, The Hidden River Project takes the audience on a journey through a few favorite sites: the rock garden, the underpass, the overhead ramps, spiral stairwells, concrete structures and an industrial cobblestone area. The 50 minute traveling presentation consists of six vignettes for live music, dance/movement, visual art, and spoken word that weave and wind through a two block area. We encourage audiences to enjoy and explore with us the unique vantage points and sensations as we move from outside to inside structures, large scale to small. The journey will end at the banks where everyone is invited to the trailer for a 10-15 minute post-performance exchange.

The Lenni Lenape Indians, the first known settlers, named the river Ganshowahanna meaning “rushing and roaring waters.” Dutch trader Arendt Corssen named it ‘Hidden Creek.’ In creating this work, water, a vital ingredient to life, is the main theme with hidden and mysterious as sub-themes. As collaborators Mulgrew-Calmes-Sadowski, we wanted to create an unplugged portable work. The set is nature; the lighting is the sky/sun; the sound is mostly natural; the music/movements are inspired by the site. Audiences are invited to make their own interpretation.