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Title 10th Annual Enterprise Awards "Opening Dance"
Year 2002
Length 5 minutes
Number of Performers 10
Choreography/Costumes Anne-Marie Mulgrew
Concept, Video, Production Visual Sound in collaboration with A. Mulgrew
Music Enya
Premiere December 3, 2002, Pennsylvania Convention Center
THE OPENING DANCE was a commission to create an original work for 10 dancers to a song by Enya. The theme is based on the wonders of the human spirit celebrating a company's growth for 10 years. Dancers were costumed all in white and interface with 40' by 17' feet projections of text and images. There were two live video feed cameras, UV lighting and a confetti drop ending. The piece was developed in collaboration with Tony Buemi Visual Sound producer/director for the awards ceremony attended by Gov. Rendell for a corporate audience of 1500 people.