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Title A Deconstruction of Degas is inspired in-part by the Degas Exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, life, current events and the dancer inside all of us.
Year 2003
Length 11 minutes
Choreography and tutu costume Anne-Marie Mulgrew
Performed by Sally Forester, Patricia Gonzales, Anne-Marie Mulgrew, Jennifer Prydybasz, Gabrielle Revlock and walk-on additional performers.
Music A collage of found sounds and excerpts from Abba Pater, Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" with voice by Jacqui Bowman, The Pink Panther, Hildegarde's Hypno Trance by P. Rabjohns
Slide Courtesy of Philadelphia Museum of Art Education Department.
Premiere The Arts League "An Afternoon of Dance," March 16, 2003, add't perf. Sedgwick Cultural Arts Center, April 19, 2003, Philadelphia Cathedral May 23, 2003 Kimmel Center, June 21, 2003