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Title The Dance and Choir Project, featuring "Sing a New Song"
7 movements for dance and song including Sing A New Song: Purple Cows: We Love..., A Thousand Prayers: Hallelujah: Anim Z'mirot A Hymn of Glory, Psalm 96: Let the Heavens Rejoice
Year 2004
Length 27 minutes
Number of Performers 60 singers, musicians and dancers
AMM & DCO Dancers Valentine Aprile, Joseph Cicala, Anne-Marie Mulgrew, Rebecca Patek, Jennifer Prydybasz, Gabrielle Revlock, Charles Tyson
Musicians Andrew Bleckner, djembe; Susan Josephs, viola; Cathy Mazza, piano; Marc Silver, percussion; Tim Stopper, flute
Choirs Greene Street Friends and St. Peter's School
Conductors Cathy Mazza, Tim Stopper
Music Andrew Bleckner
Choreography & Costumes Anne-Marie Mulgrew
Video Live video feed by Carmella Vassor-Johnson
Premiere The Philadelphia Cathedral, June 5, 2004, work-in-prgress First United Methodist Church of Germantown, May 19, 2004
THE DANCE AND CHOIR PROJECT ushered in a new collaboration between composer Andrew Bleckner and A. Mulgrew for 50 singers, live music, dance and video designed for the majestic cathedral space. Unique to this project was Bleckner's vision to include the dancers as percussive instruments in his score and incorporating lyrics written by the school students. Choreographic challenges included issues of scale such as the huge space, greater number of musicians versus dancers and affording audiences multiple views. Equally challenging was the shifting of role from dancer to musician in the first and second movements and tempo and quality changes from the recorded sound used during rehearsal to the live sound.