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Title The Big Dance
Year 2005
Length 16 minutes
Number of Performers 7
Choreography Anne-Marie Mulgrew
Music John Beltram "Soft Summer" part one, Angelique Kido"Iemanja" part two Sylk "When The Funk Hits The Fan" part three
Performed by Elrey C. Belmonti, Joseph Cicala, Anne-Marie Mulgrew, Rebecca patek, Elizabeth Reid, Gabrielle Revlock AND Charles Tyson
Premiere Philadelphia Cathedral, May 27, 28, 2005
The Big Dance (a work in progress) is inspired by recent personal events that celebrates and questions life's big issues such as; losing a loved one, the need to move forward, honoring what's important, taking risks, and "living" in the moment. Section one reflects the strength of a community, (the interdependency and relationships) and incorporates the Cathedral space to present new choreographic challenges. Section two is a memorial to my mother who left a legacy of fine memories. Section three rushes into the present. It explores the notion of a nonstop society bombarded by sound, images, constant change, and activity.